My 2020 Journey

2020, am I right? It’s safe to say that 2020 was a hard year for everyone globally. It’s crazy to think back to a year ago. We had absolutely no idea what we were in for in the coming year. While I could sit here and list off all of the things that made 2020 hard for me personally, I’d much rather focus on how I’ve grown this year. Because I was not on social media to share my life updates with everyone, I decided I will share several of them here.

  • I began 2020 in January with purchasing a new to me car! My jeep broke down in November of 2019, and while I desperately wanted to purchase a new to me vehicle, I was waiting for the best fit. Thanks to the help of my dad, we found an amazing deal on facebook, and I have loved my little car since! I had to jump through several hoops to get it in my possession, but I’m so grateful that I did and that God blessed me with it.
  • January also brought my new challenge of staying off of social media. This was very hard for me, but I knew in the long run it would be worth it. I definitely had some times where I did give in and get on social media, but they weren’t for long. I’m really proud of myself for how well I did with that challenge, and given the year we had it ended up being a huge blessing. More to come on this later.
  • I bought myself a membership to the local Botanical Gardens, which has been one of my favorite purchases by far! This purchase also helped me develop my interest in plant photography (with my phone of course). I just can’t seem to take enough photos of plants.
  • March decided to throw a curveball in everyone’s lives, mine included. When schools shut down, I got laid off from my job. I took the opportunity to work on several projects around my Dad’s house, as I’m sure many of you did as well. I eventually was able to work from home creating program plans before returning to work in June.
  • I had a VERY successful and full garden with some new additions to my garden space. After being too burnt out and depressed in 2019 to even care for my garden at all, I came back in 2020 with SO much passion to make it thrive again. It was a lot of hard work, but I had so much fun and we are still using it’s harvests into winter.
  • Summer was busy with working full time at the club and working in my garden. Come August, however, things got pretty crazy. I ended up leaving my job after 3 years. It was hard, but a much needed change in my life.
  • The day after leaving my job, I moved to an adorable studio apartment in a new city! This was such a leap of faith, and honestly crazy how it all happened so quickly. I barely had time to think or process it all. God works in crazy ways.
  • The day after moving, I went on a small vacation to Michigan to go rock hunting. It was such a relaxing and peaceful time away that truly helped me to transition into my new life changes.
  • That next week, I began my full-time position with a small business. I get to travel all over the local area taking care of houseplants inside of businesses, restaurants, hospitals, homes… you name it! I LOVE my new job. I love the people I work with and work for, and that has made such a huge difference in my life and mental health.
  • With my job change, came an astronomical increase in my houseplant collection! I have not only bought a ton more plants for myself, but I get to take home rescue plants! My friends and family joke that soon enough they won’t be able to find me in my apartment! I love it as plants bring me so much joy.
  • I was pretty sad about leaving behind working with kids, and I was afraid I would lose out on using those passions and gifts. I was so excited, honored, and grateful to be asked to step in and lead children’s ministry on Wednesday nights for my church. While it has brought new challenges, I have loved being able to use my gifts in this way and serve my church family. I truly feel like God worked all of it perfectly and aligned everything to make this happen.
  • Around the same time as all of these life changes, I also began a new journey towards healing. I joined my Church’s Celebrate Recovery Step Study. This was extremely hard for me as it required me to be vulnerable rather quickly with people I barely knew. I’m so grateful I listened to that call from the Holy Spirit, however, because I have created lasting friendships. I still have a long way to go in this study, but I am so eager to truly get healing and to grow in all areas of my life.
  • It wouldn’t be 2020 without it ending rather challenging. I made the really hard decision to set firm boundaries with people I love dearly. It’s been painful and heart wrenching, but I know it was the right decision. To me, it shows another area in which I have grown tremendously in the past year and for that I am grateful.
  • While I did end up spending Christmas alone, I have been so grateful for relaxation and rest. 2020 was a painful year for everyone. I’ve truly been going through grief as I begin to process the hard things we endured. Knowing that I’m not alone, has kept me going. It’s really hard to acknowledge the many good things that happened over the past year, when you’re in a hard spot emotionally, but listing out all of the incredible ways God has moved in my life this year is such an encouragement.

It is my hope that as we begin this new year, you are able to recognize the many ways in which God has blessed you. I don’t know what the new year will bring, but I trust that whatever comes our way, Jesus will be with us through it all, just as He was this year.

Thank you so much for being patient with my lack of posting this year. I hope to post more in the new year with more of my passions, joys and challenges. Thank you for reading my rambles.

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