Hello 2020,

It’s so nice to see you; however, I’ll be honest with you in that I’m a little nervous for what could be in store in this new year. No matter how much I plan, hope and dream for things to work out, the reality is that I’m never really in control. It’s definitely a scary and anxiety inducing thought. I’ve actually had to catch myself from thinking worst possible scenarios you could bring and turn my eyes to Jesus and the hope He brings.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not only feeling anxious about you. I feel a lot of excitement, hope, passion and motivation. I’m reminding myself that whatever comes along with you, will be used for God’s glory and that excites me!

I’m not putting myself through my typical New Years torture of setting unlikely and unattainable expectations of you and of myself. I have some goals and hopes for things I’d love to accomplish during my time with you, but if 2019 taught me anything it’s that it is not healthy to hold myself to such high, strict expectations. I’ve learned that my worth isn’t based on what goals I accomplish or even how quickly they are accomplished. My worth is in Christ alone, so yes, goals are great, but putting unnecessary pressure on myself is not. If I don’t achieve my hopes/goals for 2020, that’s okay. As long as I can face the end of 2020 knowing that I grew as a person and follower of Christ, that is all that matters.

That being said, I will lay out a few of my attainable hopes and goals for the year. Perhaps if I write about them now, I will get more accountability from my community of supporters to motivate me to achieve them. My top 6 hopes for 2020 are:

  1. To grow closer to God.
  2. To write and share my life testimony and struggles with others in my circle.
  3. To stay off of social media for the entire year (using my time more wisely to pursue God).
  4. To plan and stick to a budget.
  5. To treat my body, mind and soul with love.
  6. To write more blog posts.

2020, whatever you bring me and my life story, I know God will use for His glory. You may seem daunting, scary and doubtful, but I know that if my eyes look to Jesus every day, nothing can stand in my way. I’m buckled up and as ready for this ride as I can be. Oh, and Welcome to my story!


P.S. I definitely did not mean to rhyme there at the end, but it works 😀

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